Marketing II seniors attend annual NY trip

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“This trip made me more excited and ready for my future than I have ever been. I can’t wait to pursue my career in the marketing field,” senior Claudia LeSage said.

Webster’s Marketing II class departed for a six-day field trip to New York City on Jan. 9. While there, students had opportunities to meet with major companies in New York City and talk with their employees.

Starting at Metal Mafia, a body jewelry and piercing company, students met the company owner, Dale Parris.

“The highlight of the visit was the announcement of the jewelry design contest the kids had entered before we arrived,” counselor Karen Verstraete said.

Seniors Anna Bussler, Claire Purchelli, Katie Winkleman and Aubrey Buckman were the contest winners.

“Metal Mafia was really great. We talked to Dale, who we had been in contact with a couple months before the trip. Anyone in Marketing II could work in a group or by themselves to make a line of navel rings for Metal Mafia. We had to give the story behind the jewelry as well as argue to why it would be successful for the company’s spring launch.

“We presented our ideas to Dale and his team through the use of Skype and email. When we met them in New York, they told us the winners. We got $200 to split in our group and an additional $200 donated to the DECA program,” senior Anna Bussler said.

Then the students took the subway to The Legacy Agency, a global sports marketing agency, that represents NFL, MLB and PGA players.

Marketing teacher Kara Siebe, German teacher Brent Mackey and nine students got stuck in an elevator for around an hour.

Senior Will Tegenkamp said, “The buzzer started going off around 15 minutes into being stuck, and it didn’t stop until we got out. It got super hot, and nobody had cell phone service, so we couldn’t contact the tour guide for a while. (Senior) Will Scheipeter claimed to be claustrophobic and said he was going to start freaking out if we didn’t get out soon.”

To finish the day, everyone went to Madison Square Garden for a New York Knicks versus Chicago Bulls basketball game.

“The game was really fun and exciting since it went into double overtime. No one knew what celebrities were there until we saw their faces on the big screen. We saw Matthew Broderick (“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”) and Ansel Elgort (“The Fault in our Stars”). It was really cool,” senior Andrea Ramillano said.
On the second day, students visited the Today Show and some students were on TV. Later that day, they visited Live Nation, a global entertainment company. They met senior vice president of Premium Seat Sales, Bryan Dockett.

At the end of the day, students could pick to go to either Broadway show of “Wicked” or the “Lion King.”
Day three brought students to hear from 2012 Webster graduate Katie Stack who is in the Masters of Public Health program at Columbia University. They also met the AT&T vice president/general manager of the New York office, Brian Gonterman. Their last trip for the day was visiting the 9/11 memorial.

“It was amazing, very moving and emotional. The people who contributed to making the whole memorial happen did a great job,” senior Sam James said.

A Statue of Liberty visit started off their final day in the city.

Senior Karlee Scholtes said, “The statue itself was pretty cool but smaller than I expected it to be. My favorite part about it was seeing the skyline of the whole city.”

For dinner, the students went to Blue Smoke, where the owner was  from St. Louis and the owner of Shake Shack. Knowing a Shake Shack had been newly opened in St. Louis, he gave each student a $10 gift card. Then, the students ice skated at The Rink at Rockefeller Center.

Senior Tierney Wiggins described their last night in New York City as “bittersweet. It was kind of sad for all of us because we realized it was our last year together. The food was amazing. It was an amazing experience. It was just really sad to realize we only have a couple months left together, especially since we grew up together.”

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