First year teacher joins math department

Sean Mullins
Graphics Editor

Math teacher Tony Huynh assists students during his fifth hour math class. Photo by Colin Shue

Teacher Tony Huynh joined the math department this month in his first teaching job. He recently graduated from UMSL with a degree in mathematics and a minor in computer science.

Huynh is replacing math teacher Emily Lesher, who left WGHS due to personal matters. He plans to stick with the curriculum and continue from where Lesher’s classes left off, though his teaching style may differ.

While Lesher’s classes previously had frequent homework, Huynh’s classes have optional homework and daily quizzes over work from the previous night. Huynh said he understands students may be busy on certain nights, thus the homework is optional so as not to affect them much. However, he said as long as students understand the concepts taught, they should perform well in class. If not, they can come in for help.

“I’m available every day before and after school, so if they come to me for help, I’ll be more than willing to help them,” Huynh said.

Huynh’s teaching has resonated with the math department, according to math department chair Suzanne Fillion.

“He’s doing a great job for a young teacher,” Fillion said. “He came into a difficult situation and is making the best of it.”

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