Students march for women’s rights

Caroline Fellows

Seniors Olivia Brotherton, Aubry Buckman, Lauren Henry and Leor Shomroni participate in the women’s march in downtown St. Louis on Jan. 20. Photo by Greg Frazier

For the second year in a row, thousands gathered in downtown St. Louis for the women’s march. They marched from Union Station the Old Courthouse, holding signs and chanting.

There were 8,000 people at the Jan. 20, march, and some of them were Webster Groves High School students.

“I think it’s super important that people go out and join together in this act of solidarity because it shows others that this is a big issue, that we care and that we are willing to protest and fight for these rights or this equal treatment,” freshman Sarah Kaul said.

Senior Aubry Buckman also attended the march.

“Though it was known as the “women’s march,” the goal of the group was to speak for all minorities who must fight for acceptance into our current society,” Buckman said. “This goal will remain the same until each and every group is represented as people of this country.”

The 2017 march was the day after Donald Trump’s inauguration, and people carried signs predominantly in protest of his policies.

This year, along with these types of signs, people marched to spread awareness of sexual harassment and rights of minorities.

“My goal in marching was to inspire and empower women and other minorities to go beyond voting: to make calls to Missouri representatives, run for office and come together to create a more diverse government,” junior Bella DeArmitt said.

DeArmitt arrived early and got a special opportunity.

“I got the march early and ended up being asked to be a part of one of the drum circles boosting morale and providing a base for chants,” DeArmitt said.

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