Letter to the Editor: Student responds to ECHO article about DJ

Dear Mr. Johnson & ECHO Crew,

I am writing this letter in regards to the recent story published in your ECHO criticizing Lebari Kanee.

A lot of students (including myself) have been discussing the story, and we do not agree that Lebari did not do a good job. It’s almost as if the article was shaming the music that most African Americans enjoy.

It’s a large group of African American students who feel as if homecoming in the past years were not as good because we were not familiar with the songs (but there has never been a story about that).

In my opinion, out of all four homecomings that I have attended, this year by far was the most fun. Everyone was dancing, and for once, there were up-to-date songs that I knew.

I am not the only one who feels this way. I am requesting for another story to be written on this topic (maybe a nice one). I feel that this year at homecoming a lot of African Americans felt as it we belonged: Finally WEBSTER GROVES is playing something we know. I feel as if there was a change. Maybe this is the beginning to something new!

Although the songs were not good to certain people, it’s only because they are never exposed to our music and our culture, we (African Americans) are only exposed to theirs.

Alissa Bradford


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