Anthony Brown to attend and play for D3

Greg Frazier
Sports Columnist

Senior Anthony Brown drags Lafayette player Brain Reid before making an over 50-yard touchdown. Webster lost the game 27-25. Photo by Greg Frazier.

Senior Anthony Brown will attend Washington University next fall and play for the football team.

“I’m excited to go and there’s going to be a lot of learning. I’m going to be pushed academically and physically. The football coach there has been coaching for a long time, and we’re going to try to get a championship,” Brown said.

The WGHS football program has been influential on Brown’s life. Brown is a four-year Varsity football player and balances honors and AP classes. “If you do your work and do your practice, there’s no problem,” Brown said.

Brown is the cornerstone of the defensive line on the football team, performing three consecutive tackles during the annual Turkey Day game against Kirkwood on Nov. 23, in a first half drive, stopping the Pioneers and forcing them to punt. Brown also is a threat on the offensive line; he has a total of 183 rushing yards in the regular season. Brown’s most notable game was on Sept. 29, against Lafayette, where he rushed 77 yards and scored one touchdown. Outside of his football accomplishments, Brown received the Senior of the Month title in November. “Football has taught me dedication and that if you want something you have to work hard,” Brown said.

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