Longest traditional game sees 110th anniversary

Riley Mullgardt
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Following the Wednesday night Pep Rally, students and the community gathered on Plymouth Field in the burning of Kik E. Wood. Photo by Riley Mullgardt

This year marks the 110th anniversary of the Turkey Day tradition. The standings for number of wins is, Kirkwood with 47 wins, Webster with 54 wins and 7 tie games (not including games that the Junior Varsity team played).

The Nov. 4, Friendship Dance, held this year at Webster, began the festivities. “Turkey Day week is the best week of the entire school year,” senior Katie Conley said. “I would say the whole student body is in agreement that you don’t want to miss Turkey Day at Webster.”
Nov. 13, started spirit week with USA day. Followed by that was Pajama Day, Little Kid Day, Tourist Day and Disney Character Day. Then, kicking off the “best week of the year,” was Tacky Day. Red and white swept the halls as students mocked Kirkwood. In good spirit though, as Tacky Day was happening at Kirkwood too, with students wearing orange and black.

“I think Turkey Day is the best thing at Webster. Our [homecoming] is so unique because we share it all with Kirkwood. Turkey Day week is when you really see school spirit at Webster,” senior Kaelin Dooley said.

On Tuesday Nov. 21, students bled orange and black, “Thiz Iz Turkey Day (More Than a Game),” by Buzz Da Navigator, played throughout the school’s speakers and thousands of voices talked about the excitement that was about to begin during seventh hour.

Finally the bell rang signaling the pep rallies start. The band began playing, the cheerleaders ran out, and students in the crowd screamed the lyrics to Fight Song. Following the fight song, the performances started, beginning with the cheerleaders.

“The cheerleaders had been prepping for this for months. It was tough, we had been practicing for 11 hours a week including Sundays, but it was all worth it when we got to show off our hard work,” Junior Danielle Kern said.

After the cheerleaders finished, the Step Team started their routine.

“It has been very cool to see over time how much step [team] has changed, not only with its reputation at school, but also as a team. The team has grown bigger and bigger and it is always nice to expand in next year’s performance. This year was definitely a performance you didn’t want to miss,” senior Yusuf Randolph said.

Senior Line Dance, the “Kirkwood Cheerleaders,” the Turkey Bowl and tug of war finished ending the pep rally.

The next night, Chili Fest took place. Milagro Modern Mexican restaurant won the chili cook off and then the pep rally started again followed by the burning of Kirk E. Wood.

Like all good things, they must end. The 110 Turkey Game took place at Kirkwood with the final score being 35 to 7, Kirkwood taking the bell.

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