Letter to the Editor: Educator shares views on Pledge, Anthem

Dear ECHO staff,

As a frequent substitute teacher at WGHS, I’ve seen an increasing number of students choosing to stay seated during the second period Pledge of Allegiance. Especially since Colin Kaepernick first took a knee at an NFL game over a year ago. I’ve often wanted to say something after seeing this and hope the ECHO will give me that opportunity.

When I travel and am at an event where their national anthem is played, I stand along with them. When I’m in a church of a different faith and they kneel to pray, I kneel along with them. Not because I share their beliefs but out of respect for their rituals and traditions. Likewise, it is because of my respect for fellow citizens that I choose to stand for The Pledge. No one needs to know what is inside my head or in my heart during these public displays, that knowledge is mine alone. But in all these cases I do want my hosts to know that I respect them.

So why do you stand, sit, or kneel? I’m sure the ECHO would like to share your opinions.

Ron Zager

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