Makerspace adds Innovation to students lives

Rosa Parks
Feature Editor

Parks_3D printer.JPG
A 3D printer prints out senior Thomas Putnam’s “mini Groot.”

Hidden away in the old academic lab classrooms sits a program that Webster Groves High School has never had before. The room is called MakerSpace, and it is a brand new addition to the school.

Dr. Greg Fick, social studies teacher, has had a major role in the making of MakerSpace.

About what MakerSpace is, Fick said, “MakerSpace is many things. It’s a place to work on the design process; it’s a place for creativity.”

MakerSpace, which is located in room 334, is open to students from second to seventh hour. It is staffed by miscellaneous teachers during those times. Students who are in academic labs may work in MakerSpace, but only after they have gotten the permission slips signed. The permission slip, which requires a student and parent signature, can be found on the Google Classroom for MakerSpace; the code for the classroom is 16mqxo.

Also on the Google Classroom page is an idea proposal sheet, where students can fill out a quick survey about the project they would like to do.

The projects that are now available in MakerSpace, include creating and editing videos, 3D-printing, creating clothing textiles and others. MakerSpace was made possible by a donor, who gave a grant of around $100,000 to the cause.

Thomas Putnam, senior, who made a mini Groot on the 3D- printer, said, “I think everyone should check out MakerSpace, there are lots of awesome tools in there, and it’s a fantastic resource that our school has.”

Many teachers have already hopped on the bandwagon of MakerSpace. Some of these include, Todd Schafer, Sarah Romanowski, Skylar Garcia, Brent Mackey, Lauren Maedge and some others.

About what MakerSpace will bring out in students, Fick said, “We’re hoping that this will promote design thinking.” Design thinking, which is the process of coming up with solutions by using creative thinking, can be used to create a more innovative workplace or classroom.


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