Letter to the Editor: Student gives advice about choices

No matter where you are, who you are, what race, or age you are, you will have daily choices. Whether it is as small as what to eat or when to sleep, you have those choices. At one point, I could not make half of the smallest choices most the kids now days can. I can truly say that we all need to appreciate what we have, whether it is a residential placement or your family home. For me I had to make a big choice, do I move on and move out of my house or do I keep on living with my parents? Lots of us do not have that choice, but some will and do.

The bottom line is respect that is a big choice we need to keep in mind. Teens nowadays do not think 100 percent of the time about this, which could land you in lots of trouble or lots of success.

If you choose not to have respect, you could end up like me a couple months back where I could not even go outside when I want. Do yourself a favor and keep thinking to yourself, “Is that respectful?”

Devon Melton


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