Basketball player commits to the University of Tulsa

Rosa Parks
Feature Editor

Junior KK Rodriguez shoots a layup versus Cor Jesu in the District title game. Photo by Andy Kimball

Kalen Rodriguez, senior, will be surrounded by thousands more people at University of Tulsa than she is at Webster Groves High School.

The private university is the starting ground of many famous celebrities. Rodriguez will be walking the same halls that Dr. Phil McGraw, Paul Pressey and other alums walked.

Rodriguez chose between Canyon University, Providence University and Bradley University, and committed to Tulsa University.

About why she picked Tulsa, Rodriguez said, “It felt like a family away from my family.”

Another reason she chose Tulsa was because of the distance. Being about 381 miles away from each other was the perfect amount of space for Rodriguez between her family and college.

Karis Robinson, junior, said, “She’s very family orientated. The way she looks out for her brothers and sisters is an inspiration.”

The normal cost of attending school at Tulsa University is around $55,800, but Rodriguez, received a full-ride scholarship for basketball. She will continue to play throughout college. The University of Tulsa has a Division 1 sports team, Division 1 being the highest ranking of college athletics.

About who got her to this place, Rodriguez said, “My parents had a really big impact. My dad is the one who introduced basketball to me… and my mom helped me out academically.”

According to Robinson, Rodriguez has many qualities.

“She’s one of the funniest people I know, she can make any situation a happy one,” Robinson said.

“For all of the lower-classmen, make sure you take advantage of every opportunity there is. Go into the summer before senior year having an idea of what kind of school you want to go to. Fill out as many scholarships as you can, even if you have a full-ride scholarship,” Rodriguez said.

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