In-School Suspension teacher moves to classroom full time

Trinity Madison
Contributing Writer

Teacher, Lisa Dietl, instructs sophomores Isabelle O’Neal and Elizabeth Zareh  in a weight training class. Photo by Trinity Madison

Lisa Dietl,  who used to serve as an In-School Suspension teacher, has been involved in the Webster Groves community for years.

Dietl grew up in the area and graduated from WGHS in 2010.

Dietl attended Missouri State University and Lindenwood University to study Physical Education. She’s now back in the community.

Dietl’s taught here as an In-School Suspension teacher, and during the summer, she’s taught physical education (P.E.). Teaching summer school P.E classes gave her a good platform to get to her current new job.

“I think it [teaching summer P.E.] was a nice good foot in the door to get me to this position,” Dietl stated. Her current position is a full year physical education teacher for grades 9-12.

P.E is her passion because she’s ”just teaching them (…) giving them a good backbone of P.E in different varieties,” Dietl said.

Dietl said her old teachers were one of the reasons she came back to WGHS.

“The teachers and just how they built relationships with me, it was a nice home for me, and so I wanted to give back like they gave to me,” Dietl said.

Dietl added Turkey Day as the tradition that drew her back to WGHS.

On top of teaching, Dietl also coaches three women’s sports. She coaches JV field hockey in the fall, freshman basketball in the winter and JV soccer in the spring. The Varsity soccer team won State last season. Dietl explained, “It was exciting. It was a real defining coaching moment right there to be a part of it.”


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