Science department welcomes back Webster graduate

Emily Stisser
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New physics teacher, Jane Knittig, helps student Ben Linehan with his work. Knittig provided morning help on a missed assignment in her classroom. Photo by Emily Stisser

Jane Knittig, science teacher, has something in common with every student. She, too, walked the halls of WGHS. Knittig graduated in 2006.

“It is exciting to come back, the facilities are very nice, and during the interview process, it felt like the right fit,” Knittig said.

Knittig taught in the Lindbergh School District for six years prior to now, which included five years at Lindbergh High School teaching physics. Her first teaching job was eighth grade middle school science at Lindbergh. This is her seventh year teaching.

Knittig, who teaches Physics A, AP PhysicsⅠ  and AP Physics Ⅱ this school year, has a great feeling about about the science department and coworkers.

Knittig said, “I’m very excited; it’s been a very nice group to get to know. They’ve all been very helpful.”

Knittig grew up in Webster Groves then graduated from Webster in 2006. She furthered her education at The University of Missouri (MIZZOU) and majored in Mathematics and Education.

Knittig’s passion to teach traces back to jobs and interests that influenced her back in high school. Knittig was a summer camp counselor and calculus tutor, and interned for an education professor.

“It was where all of my interests fell, the summer jobs I was choosing to get, or the school year jobs I was enjoying, and the things I was liking to do were all pointing towards education,” Knittig said.

Senior Adele Pohl said, “Ms. Knittig is super helpful and always willing to talk to you one on one if you are struggling.”

Some of Knittig’s hobbies include spending time outdoors, cross-stitching, and knitting; that is when she has time. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Jason Knittig, of four years, their two dogs, and 14- month son.

Knittig’s subject of choice, physics, has been a prominent subject in her teaching career.

“I’ve always really enjoyed math but sometimes. It’s hard to see the applications, where in physics you can see that. Physics is the best of everything. You get to apply the math but then also, describe what’s going on in the world and understand situations,” Knittig said.


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