Seniors prepare for final season

Greg Frazier
Sports Editor

Seniors John Doria, Ryan Rusan and Thomas Henderson are all veterans of the football program.
Doria is the starting quarterback for the Statesmen and has be

After a Statesmen kickoff, Hickman player junior Christian Davis (No. 5) is tackled by sophomore Noah Arinze ( No. 42). Webster won the game 32-21. Photo by Greg Frazier

en on Varsity for all four years. Before high school, Doria played for the junior Statesmen team in seventh and eighth grade. As a veteran of the program, Doria said, “We’re taking each game week by week. We have a small rivalry with Ladue. We’re going to play our best.”
Rusan has been a part of the program since third grade, Henderson since seventh grade.
The Statesmen were going to play against Pattonville on Sept. 15, but the game was cancelled.
Head coach Cliff Ice had the team train on a seven-week program during the summer to prepare for the season, which started by mirroring last year’s performance: two wins against Hazelwood West and Hickman.
The team went on to play the Ladue Rams on Sept. 1, and were down by seven points in the first half but came back in the third quarter scoring a touchdown from senior Ethan Cooley, bringing the Statesman to an even 14-14 game into the last quarter. Doria combined with Cooley scored 14 points in the last quarter resulting in a 28-21 final score.

Webster Statesmen played Hickman on Aug. 25. In the first half the Statesmen scored 20 points, Hickman had seven. In the second half the Statesmen ended the game 32-21. Photo by Greg Frazier

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