Webster welcomes new women’s basketball coach

Lindsey Bennett
Contributing Writer

Coach Joshua Spuhl helps senior Janae Reed-Jones during his fifth hour academic lab. Photo by Lindsey Bennett

Women’s basketball at Webster Groves is about to enter a new era. Coach Joshua Spuhl has joined the staff as head women’s basketball coach, assistant women’s golf coach, and a weight training, academic lab and P.E. teacher.

Spuhl comes from Pacific High School in Pacific, MO., where he was head women’s basketball coach for 10 years.

About why he moved to Webster, Spuhl said, “I just felt like it was a really good move for my family… It’s a great school district, and I really wanted to help the basketball program be successful here.”

One way Spuhl plans to help the basketball program is by expanding its reach. When describing the feeder teams he had plans for, he said, “We don’t wait until they’re in high school; I want to know the kids when they’re in third grade.”

Women’s basketball players are enthusiastic about the new addition.

Sophomore Elizabeth Zareh said, “Coach Spuhl seems like a good fit for this program. I’m really excited to work with him this year.”

Zareh is excited to work with Spuhl because “From what I’ve seen so far he is dedicated to the team and cares about the players.”

Spuhl is already creating strong relationships with the basketball team.

Senior Danielle Daniels said, “Coach Spuhl is really funny, makes us laugh on and off the court but pushes us to be good to great.”

Spuhl not only has the players’ support, but he also has a great support system off the court. Talking about his fiancée’s son, four-year-old Masyn Fetsch, Spuhl said, “He’s super excited… he wants to come to school every day with me.”

Over the short summer, Spuhl has already introduced what he thinks are the most important values for a team, “You’ve got to work hard. I know that’s such a simple saying, but hard work is the only way to work.”


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