Print Version: WG ECHO September 2017 Issue

This is the first issue of the 103rd year of the ECHO.

Contents include:
*ECHO responds to site’s misinformation
*ECHO Editorial Policy
*Sports should count as PE credit
*Peaceful protests are effective
*Writers present two views on parking
*Auditorium gets improvements
*Student walkout promotes change
*Girls State gives editor opportunities for growth
*Rare solar eclipse inspires students, staff
*Singer’s grope lawsuit gives light to sexual assault
*Student advisors join school board to give wider perspective
*Library rules anger students *Facility causes cheer discontent
* Seniors prepare for final season
*Statesmen shoot for growth and challenges
*Columnist suggests survival kit for LouFest
*Review: ‘Sonic Mania’ shows fans’ dedication
*Willie’s Comic

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