Closest of friends: graduating triplets part ways

Bennett Durando
Sports Editor

Triplets Will, Mary and Andy Kimball on Halloween of 2003. Photo provided by Mary Kimball

As the 2017-18 school year begins at WGHS, the missing presence of one family in the student body is especially felt.

Senior triplets Andy, Will and Mary Kimball are among the graduating Class 2017. All three of the lifelong friends have been all academically and extracurricularly notable honors students. They will each take those successes to their respective future schools.

“I’m so used to having these two people that I know so well around me almost 24/7, it’s going to be weird to be by myself,” Mary said. “I’ll have more of an individual identity, so I’m partially excited and partially terrified. I also don’t know how I’m going to do so well in math without their help.”

Mary, who has traveled internationally with her figure skating team, will attend St. Olaf. Andy, the oldest, will study journalism at Mizzou after serving as Editor in Chief of the ECHO and President of NHS. Will, who plays jazz trombone and plans to study law, is Ivy League-bound for Brown.

The mascots of the three universities: Lions, Tigers and Bears.

Oh my.

“I think it’s fantastic,” Mary said on the humorous coincidence. “Our mom wants to make shirts.”

“I am not as much of a fan as some other people are of that coincidence,” Andy said.

Though the trio will finally part ways come the end of summer, with each Kimball wandering down a different Yellow Brick Road, their relationship and childhood memories will resonate long into the future.

“Since we’re the exact same age we’ve done most of the same things together, I always had somebody to talk to, no matter where we were,” Will said. “I’ve always had somebody to confide in. Even if I was on vacation, they were both still there.”

“Spending time with Will and Andy, it’s kind of like I’m spending time by myself,” Mary said. “I’m very at ease around them. I love them and I’m going to miss them, but it’ll be fun to see them grow up.”

As for which one is the superior sibling, the argument is ongoing. All three happen to have different opinions.
“I am superior because I’ve messed up the least,” Will said. “I have a higher IQ.”

“I think I am the alpha triplet because I am the most responsible one and probably the most mature,” Mary said. “I am most definitely the alpha triplet.”

“Will obviously has the brain power, and then Mary seems to be the nicest and most approachable,” Andy said, continuing, “but I just think I’ve got the best of both worlds. I’m the common man triplet.”



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