Dancer, Eagle Award winner will attend Kentucky

Elenor Marshall
Contributing Writer

Senior Duyen-Anh Vo performs at the 2016 Turkey Day pep rally. Photo by Page Kimzey

When students hear the name “Cianna Vo,” they think of cheerleading.

Funny enough, senior Duyen-Anh Vo decided last minute to even try out for cheer.

Vo said, “Molly Clark (head cheerleading coach) was my ac lab teacher freshman year. I had no intention and truly didn’t even want to tryout. Weirdly enough, that year they had a second round of tryouts at the beginning of the school year due to the lower number of cheerleaders who had tried out before hand. My mom had told me that I needed to be involved with the school, and I saw the tryout packet on Molly’s desk, so I thought, ‘Eh, why not?’ I came to the tryout and fell in love with it…and the rest is history.”

Now Vo can’t imagine her high school career without the cheer program.

“I’ll miss the cheer program the most. It was my safe haven. The place I felt most comfortable in my skin. The coaches throughout my four years have shaped me into the person I am today. They taught me so much not only in cheer but lessons that I will be able to take with me for the rest of my life.

“I was welcomed into the program with open arms. I’ve gained a lot of strong bonds with my teammates over the years, so that’s what’s going to make saying goodbye so hard.

“I’ve choreographed/co-choreographed every Turkey dance since my freshman year as well as compiling all of the Turkey Day assembly music and became captain senior year, so cheer took up a lot of time during these last four years.

“WG Cheer has made an incredible impact on me, and I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of such an amazing program,” Vo said.

Vo now exchanges orange and black for University of Kentucky’s blue and white.

She chose Kentucky for its excellent pre-med program, so she could pursue her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor. Also, it has a very competitive dance team that she is trying out for the weekend of May 6.

Although she is excited about the University of Kentucky, she is sad to leave Webster.

About her high school experience, Vo said, “My experience at WGHS has been unforgettable. This school has changed me forever. Walking in freshman year as a timid 14 year old with my map at hand to becoming an Eagle Award nominee and Varsity cheer captain, I just never would’ve thought I’d become the person that I am today.

“I’m not gonna say it was ‘happy butterflies and rainbows’ everyday because I’ve had my fair share of studying until 3 a.m. and 13-page papers, but at the end of the day WGHS is truly an amazing atmosphere for young adults. I truly send all of my gratitude to this school for helping me find my way.”

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