Football player to study medicine

Andy Kimball

Senior Tamir Caldwell (5) stands with his teammates during the Turkey Day assembly. Photo by Ashli Wagner

Senior Tamir Caldwell saw his father with doctors time and time again while he suffered from type two diabetes. Caldwell saw something that he wanted to change.

“I saw my dad, and I’ve seen other members of my family in the hospital, and I just believe that I could do a better job than the doctors do sometimes…My dad is in the hospital and people are telling him that ‘This is your fault’ instead of helping him when he is sick. Overall I just think I could do a better job sometimes,” Caldwell said.

Caldwell plans to become a doctor and currently takes pre-professional health sciences courses at South Tech and will attend Coe College in Illinois to major in biology.

“My goal as a doctor would be to help people. I like to help people, and I love seeing people smile whether I know them or not. When other people smile, it brightens up my day.”

Caldwell also is a four-year member of the football and track teams.

Caldwell said, “Having to become a leader [on the football and track teams]has helped me with my demeanor and with the way I approach things everyday…My peers have [inspired me]. My teammates on the football team and the track team help motivate me everyday to achieve my goals.”



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