HAIM bass player talks to ECHO

Riley Mullgardt
Entertainment Editor

Alumna Karlie Kloss showed her new Express fashion line at the Pageant with music provided by Charlie XCX and Dj.

While at the fashion show, the ECHO got an exclusive interview with bass player Este Haim, member of the Indie-Rock band “HAIM.” Haim attended the event because she is friends with Kloss and wanted to show her support.

Made up of three sisters, the band began in 2007 and is still going strong. They performed at Lollapalooza in 2016 and opened for Taylor Swift (select dates) on her 1989 Tour.

Despite how normal sisters act, they all get along well.

Haim said, “I always feel like people don’t believe me, but they’re my two best friends. It’s such a blessing being able to see the world with my two best friends.”

After not releasing any music after 2013, Haim said new music “is coming. Everything is on its way.” She estimated the new music’s arrival would be “Soon. I promise it is soon.”

The band is leaving for the U.K. in June to tour, and in regards for a U.S. tour she said, “You’ll definitely be seeing us soon. I can promise that. I plan on touring for the rest of my life, so everything is soon.”

Haim has been to St. Louis, specifically the Pageant, three times. “I love it here. Everyone is so nice here. So friendly. They just want to talk about fun stuff.”

“That custard [Ted Drewes] I just had, I can’t. It’s the best thing I’ve ever eaten in my whole life. I think if I wasn’t doing music I would want to be a food critic so I could eat all the time. It seems like the best job ever. I love my job more than anything, but that would be a close second. It’s probably the only other thing I would want to do.”

Musician, food enthusiast and people person, Este Haim loves St. Louis and her job.    

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