Students recommend involvement despite challenges

Cole Schnell
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Junior Jennifer Egley and Sophomore Brianna Vo perform during their hectic schedules. Photo from Jennifer Egley.

WGHS wants its students to be involved as stated as the “I” for involvement in the school’s acronym “RRISE.”  Some students really take this to heart and become very involved.

Junior Jennifer Egley is a cheerleader and dancer, takes three AP classes and doesn’t finish her homework because she doesn’t have enough time. Egley said, she wasn’t able to sleep at all due to homework on certain occasions. Egley’s biggest motivators are her parents. Egley said, “They (my parents) are always motivating me to do better…They help me put school first.”

Egley said, her busy schedule helped develop a better work ethic.

Sophomore Brianna Vo, a cheerleader, the STUCO secretary-elect and dancer, said having a class period where students could do whatever they need to do would make being involved easier. Vo said, the majority of the time not doing activities, she is doing homework. Vo said, her busy lifestyle has given her the ability to “balance things more so when I get older…I can do everything and not be stressed about it because I’m already so busy.”

Junior Sam Gomez, soccer player, said he chose his busy lifestyle because soccer was part of his family; it was expected. Now that he plans to play soccer in college, these expectations are more important. Gomez takes two AP classes and said he would be ambitious in school if he could be and had the time. Gomez said his hard course load is important because “school will probably prepare you the most for the outside world.”

Egley, Vo and Gomez recommend other students to become more involved.

Gomez doesn’t feel overwhelmed by his busy schedule, unlike Egley and Vo, who are occasionally overwhelmed. Gomez said, he still makes sacrifices such as missing school for soccer.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all teenagers sleep for greater than eight hours every night. Having a busy schedule doesn’t allow for this. Egley, Vo and Gomez said they go to sleep at 12 a.m. 2 a.m. on an average night.

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