Dancer takes on best of St. Louis

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Deyen-Anh Vo soars through the sky performing her dance at the 2017 Teen Talent Competition. Photo by Riley Mullgardt

Riley Mullgardt
Entertainment Editor

Senior Duyên-Anh Vo danced at the 2016 Teen Talent Competition at the Fox last year and went back for more this year.

In 2016, Vo won the “I Award” for the most imaginative, inspired and inventive act, along with second place overall resulting in a $6,500 scholarship.

“I’ve been working on this routine for two months now. It hasn’t been that long because I didn’t think I was going to do [Teen Talent] again. I had already done it and already had the experience, but I was like, why not do it again? You never know what’s going to happen,” Vo said.

Vo has danced for 16 years because she was very “rambunctious and hyper as a little kid,” so her mom wanted her to put her energy into something. As a competition dancer, Vo knows her way around the stage. It’s different for Teen Talent though.

“I’m going into [Teen Talent] alone, and then with competitions I have my whole company with me. Competitions are for titles and stuff like that, but Teen Talent is for college scholarships… A lot more is at stake.”  

Vo hit the stage again on Saturday April 8. Performing her piece “Duyên-Anh.Vo didn’t place, but she did receive the Voss Family Originality Award for original work in composition, writing, arranging or choreography.

Even though she didn’t place, it was still a “great experience” and met new friends there.  

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