Students run for STUCO elections

Page Kimzey
Audio Editor

During the week of March 27, WGHS student council campaigned for the elections for staff positions for the 2017-2018 school year.

Juniors Connie Rhodes and Elizabeth Mandernach are running for president. Sophomores Evelyn Trampe and Chris Kuse are running for vise president. Freshman Becca Mandernach, sophomore Tommy Marcinkiewicz, and junior Glory Patrick are running for secretary. Sophomores Danelle Kern and Ali Kuskowski are running for treasurer. Allison huff and Ellie Oliphant are running for public relations. And Tyler benbow and Brianna Vo are running for historian.

According to current STUCO historian Evelyn Trampe, the way students are nominated for the following year’s positions are if they are suggested by another STUCO member. Once that student is nominated, they can either decline or accept the nomination.

All students who ran for positions gave a speech to the student body on Wednesday March 29 after school to add to their campaign.

Mandernach will focus on the student and staff’s wants if she is elected, “If I were to get elected president i think really see what the school and what people wanted and then I would see if I could do something that makes everyone else happy. If the student body spoke and said they wanted this changed and want to do something differently, I would do that.” Mandernach said.

Rhodes will focus on the involvement of the school if she gets elected president, “I just want student council to become better. I really want to have our school to become more unified, like have a committee type thing with student council, pep club, and DECA so we can then do bigger fundraisers. And other things like get the little theater fixed or to get some better stuff for the auditorium because the seats are really bad or to help students out when they are in need and for our community,” Rhodes said. She has plans to reform the stuco body by creating more events after the turkey day season in attempts to keep up the groups numbers throughout the year. One way she plans to do that is have stuco be the only club to happen on Wednesdays. “I really want to try and  make it into a community because we are trying to figure out ways that we can have other people come in and want to be involved and want to be with us.” Rhodes said.

Election ballots will come out during 6th hour on March 30 and results were announced the following day.

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