Math Club looks to add more members

Sean Mullins
Contributing Writer

Freshmen Nick Barger and Aidan Coyle work through a sheet of equations with teacher Emily Lesher during Math Club in Room 255. Photo by Sean Mullins

Math Club hopes to attract a crowd of math-loving students for a plethora of equations on Wednesday afternoons according to the club’s president, sophomore Phoebe Cattoor.

The club’s attendance is only about four or five people per meeting at the moment since it only began in January, but Cattoor hopes to reach out to more people, even if students might not think they could to do well in the club.

“As president, my goal is to empower students to believe that they can be good mathematicians,” Cattoor said.

Sponsored by math teacher Emily Lesher, the club is a way for students to explore math beyond the classroom. Lesher lets students come in for help on difficult classwork or make up tests, but the club will usually work together on advanced math problems from books or websites, including equations, word problems and logic problems.

The problems aren’t always related to the material in class; in fact, students learn skills from different grade levels. Students of any skill level in math are welcome at the club, whether they be freshman just starting algebra or seniors in calculus classes.

“We work together to improve students’ math confidence,” Lesher said.

Once the club has more members, Lesher hopes to have the club participate in mathematics competitions, such as those held by the American Mathematics Council. These competitions usually involve students working together to solve difficult problems in a limited amount of time.

The club plans to hold fundraisers for competitions, which means the more members it has, the faster it can raise the money. Though these competitions might seem to be a daunting task, Lesher believes the students could do it if they put their minds to it.

Math Club meets on Wednesday afternoons in Lesher’s classroom, Room 255.

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