Students say Valentine’s Day is overrated

Riley Mullgardt
Entertainment Editor

Stacks of Valentine’s candy, cards and stuffed animals are overflowing at the Walgreens on Manchester. Photo by Riley Mullgardt
Stacks of Valentine’s candy, cards and stuffed animals are overflowing at the Walgreens on Manchester.  This year the average American is  expected to spend about $147 on the holiday. Photo by Riley Mullgardt

To Love or Not to Love. As the new year starts, so do the reminders about the upcoming dreaded-for-most holiday on Feb. 14.

Twitter handle TweetLikeAGirl tweeted a few days before New Year’s, “If ur worried ur not gonna get a New Year’s Eve kiss just remember Valentine’s Day is in 45 days’ n you’ll probably be alone for that too.”

When Valentine’s Day is mentioned, two reactions are anticipated and accepted: complete and utter hatred, or blushing and giggles.

Some say Valentine’s Day is a holiday that has too much build up.

Junior Kaelin Dooley said, “I think [Valentine’s Day] is overrated because it’s just a day, and people expect too much, and for single people, it’s just a depressing day making it even more clear they don’t have a significant other.”

With all the TV commercials telling what to get that special someone on this day, the radio ads telling people about the small little box that women want to open and all the candy starting to fill up shelves everywhere as soon as Christmas ends, the average total that a person spends on their significant other is $147, according to U.S. News.

Over half of the 30 people interviewed said Valentine’s Day was overrated and that the goods given or received are not what Valentine’s Day is about.

It’s about love, they said.

Senior Josh Johnson said, “Valentine’s Day is just an excuse for people to get their significant others presents, but it’s just another day to me. I think it’s overrated because you should feel that way about them every day.”

“It should be about the company [of the other person] not flowers, chocolate and movies,” junior Anthony Brown said.
Junior Caroline Mund said, “I think spending time together and showing love to people is the most important part.”

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