Community members march in honor of MLK

Andy Kimball

Citizens walk down Euclid Avenue during the Martin Luther King Jr. march. Photo by Ashli Wagner.
Citizens walk down Euclid Avenue during the Martin Luther King Jr. march. Photo by Ashli Wagner.

Around 200 Webster and Rock Hill citizens marched through Webster and Rock Hill to celebrate the life of Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 15.

Marchers were joined by former superintendent Sarah Riss, superintendent John Simpson and high school teachers Philip Wojak and Tamara Rodney.

There was a dinner at the Steger Sixth Grade Center followed by a “Community Celebration,” which featured keynote speaker Rev. Terrell Carter, pastor of the Webster Groves Baptist Church and an assistant professor for the Central Baptist Theological Seminary.

Carter said, “(The purpose of the event) is to be faithful to the vision of Martin Luther King as well as the vision of Webster Groves and talking about building a quality community.”

Carter added, “This event is a way to make it easy for people who are different to see each other in the same room and realize they are not that different from each other.”

The march happened a little under week before the Jan. 20, inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Carter said, “I don’t think politics on that kind of a level will affect what we do on a local level. I think that all the negativity with him, it has made these events on a local level that much more important.”

The march and service is organized by the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Celebration Planning Committee. The committee is led by Rev. Dave Denoon and includes Simpson along with other local pastors and community members.

The winners of the “More Than Just an Essay” contest were recognized at the event and given $100 savings bonds.

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