Review: ‘Seat at the Table’ brings warmth

Rosa Parks
Contributing Writer

Solange’s album cover on a CD, and a Record. Taken from
Solange’s album cover on a CD, and a Record. Graphic from

“Seat at theTable,” written and co-produced by Solange Knowles, was released on Sept. 30, and a wonderful album with some negativities.

Solange is accompanied by some people on her songs, like Lil Wayne, Tweet and Kelela.

The album has a total of nine interludes and 12 songs.

The album starts off with “Rise,” which causes an interest in the album. It’s a soft spoken song that has Solange singing. It’s a good start off to the album which features much more crisp songs.

The interludes, which are 16 seconds and up, are just snippets of someone talking, usually talking about a People of Color  issue or joy. They add a nice interruption to the melodic songs and explain what some of the songs are about, kind of like an Ode in “Oedipus Rex” and other literature. Although the Interludes add a nice, personal touch, some drag on too long and distract from the beauty of the full album.

The album features different types of songs: some slow, some are upbeat and fast. The best ones include “F.U.B.U” “Mad”  and “Don’t Touch my Hair”

The songs on the album give off a R&B, techno vibe. The albums background instruments and vocals are soft spoken but still speak tons. The album’s real gem is mainly the lyrics and meanings of the songs that speak to many people. Solange’s voice offers the melodic tone that make the lyrics come alive and sympathize with emotions.  Some songs sound repetitive, and sometimes the background beat matches the beat of other songs on the albums.

The album is explicit, some of the songs contain lots of profanity, while some contain none.

The album as a whole is a religious experience that any person, especially a POC, can relate to. It overviews the joys and hardships of being a POC and a woman.

The album is definitely worth listening to, even if the lyrics aren’t relatable to.

The album is availabile to stream on youtube, and can also be bought off of amazon. It costs $10.99 to buy an MP3 version on Amazon.

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