Freshman performs at Muny, on Broadway

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Photos from Elizabeth Teeter

Elizabeth Teeter has performed in Broadway shows and at the Muny here in St. Louis. She has performed with movie stars, actors and even her dad.

Teeter has performed in the Broadway shows “The Audience,” “The Crucible” and “Mary Poppins.”

Her first Broadway show was “Mary Poppins” in 2013. Her latest show was “The Crucible,” where she played as Betty Parris on opening night in New York.

About which of the three she loved the most, Teeter said “I can’t really pick a favorite because they’re do different it’s really hard to choose.”

Teeter first started seriously dancing when she was six and has loved it ever since. She dances for the Center for Creative Art (COCA) in St. Louis. She dances three or four times a week and wishes she could dance more if not for school work.

Teeter dances with one of her “best friends” freshman Lizzie Egley.

“She’s been really supportive of me because I was gone for six months, and we stayed really close,” Teeter said about her friend. Teeter has been friends with Egley since sixth grade.

“It’s going to be difficult when one of your best friends is gone for that long, but we’re so close that it affects anything,” Egley said about how she and Teeter stay friends when Teeter leaves for a show.

Teeter worked with Helen Mirren in “The Audience.” Mirren has been in “Red” and the new “Collateral Beauty.”
Another person Teeter worked with is Saoirse Ronan in “The Crucible.” Ronan who was in ‘Lovely Bones” and “Brooklyn.”

When Teeter was in “The Audience,” she shared the role of young queen Elizabeth with Sadie Sink.

“We became really best friends, and I still keep in touch with her,” Teeter said. Sink is about to be in the next season of “Stranger Things.”
Teeter has done several plays with her father. About five years ago Teeter and her father Lara Teeter played in the Muny’s “Little Mermaid.” Elizabeth played Flounder and her dad played Scuttle.

Recently Teeter performed in the “Nutcracker” at the Missouri Ballet, where she played the main role of Clara and her father played the role of Clara’s Uncle Drosselmeyer.

Teeter first got into the arts because “I grew up around my dad who was a performer, and so I always watched that and wanted to audition for things, and I auditioned and got into the Muny theater and ended up going to New York and getting an agent and they set me up with auditions and it just went from there.” Teeter said.

Teeter said her parents are “very supportive” and just want her to do what makes her happy.

“If I woke up tomorrow and said I didn’t want to do it anymore, they’d be like, okay” Teeter said.

Teeter has a twin brother Charlie Teeter who has performed in the past but not anymore.
“It’s really amazing and a little weird seeing this big professional show with my sister being a big part of it,” Charlie Teeter said about watching his sister perform on Broadway.

“My brother is more of an athlete,” Teeter said, but he along with Teeter’s two younger sisters and parents help her prepare for auditions or shows.

Teeter doesn’t have anything coming up and said “It’s kind of a waiting thing you just kind of don’t know” about getting auditions and trying out for parts. She recently was in a film production and was in New York for 10 days.

“That was really fun. I had never done that before,” Teeter said about the new experience.

Teeter said dedication and sacrifice are the hardest thing about thing about being in theater.

“Whenever I had two shows, I’d have to go home get food and rest and take care of myself instead of going out being with friends sometimes, so you kind of have to keep in check your body and your mind, and you really have to focus on that,” Teeter said.

When Teeter knows she is going to be absent for a show or for an audition, she tries to get the work done beforehand so she can stay on track.
“When I was in New York I had to home school, so I kind of had to like manage my school work on my own,” Teeter said.

“They’re really different it’s hard to compare I really like the Muny because of that’s where I started. It’s a special home in my heart, and it’s really fun. I definitely learned a lot from my Broadway experiences and the people I got to work with,” Teeter said about whether she enjoyed the Muny or Broadway more.

When Teeter does do a show, whether it’s at the Muny or Broadway, she still gets the “nervous excited” feeling when performing the preview show.

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