Alumni lead ‘Black Friday’ march on Lockwood

Andy Kimball

 Photos by Cole Schnell

It only took five tries, but on Nov. 25, Webster Groves students, citizens and alumni held a protest march from city hall to Old Orchard regarding the president-elect Donald Trump and his policies.

Before the march, 2016 graduate Jakini Ingram spoke to a crowd of a couple hundred in front of city hall.

Other speakers were former mayor Terri Williams, James Croft and Faizan Syed.

After the speeches at city hall, protesters walked down the sidewalks along Lockwood Avenue to the gazebo in Old Orchard. The protesters could not march in the street because no one from the protest had a parade permit.

The march was put together by Ingram and 2016 graduates Bonnie Randall, Bekah Perman, and Gianna Metzker with help from other current students and alumni.

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