Webster band to march on Moss

Greg Frazier
Circulation Manager

This year the WGHS band is taking it back to the classics by performing The Beach Boys during the halftime show on Moss Field.

Band director Kevin Cole said, “It’s fun to play at our own stadium, as opposed to last year’s game in Kirkwood’s stadium.”

Photo by Ashli Wagner Marching band members play at the City Museum Oct. 1, after marching in the Rockhill Fall Parade.
Marching band members play at the City Museum Oct. 1, after marching in the Rockhill Fall Parade. Photo by Ashli Wagner

Band director Jill Young said, “I would say the biggest difficulty in preparation for the Turkey Day festivities is balancing rehearsals for that performance and preparation for an even more important performance that the band is working toward in January.”
Band introduces students to new friends and hobbies.
There is a band picnic every year in October that all band members are invited to. Participants socialize with their bandmates in a normal setting that isn’t band related.
Also the picnic has a flag football event that is passed down from the seniors to lower classmen. The camaraderie of the picnic helps students focus and relax when they’re marching and performing.
Band is also involved in special events. It has performed at the City Museum, Run4Webster, its own mattress fundraiser and all home football games.
Junior bass player Trevor Luhman said, “I learn that I prefer playing music for the school more than myself.”
Sophomore saxophone player Spencer Erb said, “Band is my favorite class. I enjoy everything about it. Sometimes, I feel like it’s really boring, but I know it’ll lead to good times.”
Over the summer a band camp is required. The camp helps to jump start marching on Moss Field during football season.
When school starts in the fall, students would practice and march on Selma Field in preparation for Friday’s games.
Band promotes the fundamentals of playing an instrument while keeping the interaction of students healthy.
Cole confirmed 178 students play in band.
Young said, “The good news is that we have many talented players this year and are upperclassman and our younger members. Also, these students have the best attitude and work ethic of any of the students I have worked with in the past.”

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