Op-ed: Wind energy is best option

Josie Krueger
Contributing Writer

Wind turbines provide energy on the Power County Wind Farm in Power County, Idaho.
Wind turbines provide energy on the Power County Wind Farm in Power County, Idaho.

When people say “renewable energy,” most automatically think of solar panels and plug-in cars. Although these are incredible types of renewable energy, one is the most efficient: Wind turbines.

In the U.S., the top wind energy states are Iowa, Texas, California, and Minnesota.

The most common type of wind turbine has a pole with rotor and generator mounted on top, with three blades coming out of it. In a nutshell, wind turns the angled blades, which generates inside the wind turbine to energy that can be put in a battery or run through wires to use right away.

Wind turbines have many pros and cons. Some pros are that building them creates more jobs, brings new life to rural economies, promotes cost-effective energy production, and other than the price to construct these turbines, the price of wind is free, unlike coal,oil,gasses, and other fossil fuels that we use now.

Wind Energy Power Farms generate 17 to 39 times the amount of energy they consume. The installation of wind turbines is around 50 to 100 percent higher than installation to retrieve fossil fuels. But in the long run, it is more cost effective and clean.  

Some cons are that if it’s not windy, energy is not being produced. Therefore, on very windy days extra energy can be saved up in renewable batteries for the not-so windy days. Another con is that wind turbines can be noisy at times, but with airborne wind turbines being invented presently, you wouldn’t hear all the way up in the sky.

Overall, wind turbines are the most efficient renewable energy source, and they could help save the world’s resources.

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