Op-ed: Graffiti is art

Rosa Parks
Contributing Writer

Graffiti artists have decorated underneath a Deer Creek Bridge. Photo by Rosa Parks

Graffiti artists have decorated underneath a Deer Creek Bridge.
Photo by Rosa Parks

Sprayed on the cobblestone bricks in downtown Saint Louis and drawn on the white walls of WGHS’s walls is graffiti.

Graffiti is everywhere in Webster Groves: it’s under the bridges, and it’s on sides of buildings. Graffiti is constantly around, and it’s good that it is.

Graffiti, has been around since 1967, or even earlier.. Some people think that graffiti is vandalism, but the two are completely different things.

Vandalism is the destruction of private property. Graffiti can be vandalism, but it can also be art.

Art is a combination of creativity, imagination and emotion. Graffiti artists have to put all three of those elements into their pieces to make those artistic expressions their own. It is just like painting on a canvas, except the canvas is a brick wall or bathroom floor.

St.Louis has it’s own special place for graffiti, the Paint St. Louis wall. It has been around since 1995.

The wall that runs miles in STL, is home to many art pieces done by local artists. On Sept. 2-4, artists came to the wall to paint some of their new pieces.

Graffiti pieces can take anywhere from 20 minutes to a few days. Saying graffiti isn’t an art is like saying drawing isn’t an art. Sometimes it’s legal; sometimes it’s not. Both times, however, graffiti is the expression of an artist.

Graffiti is art.


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