Physics teacher lives in Gingerbread House

Greg Frazier
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Phillip Wojak, physics teacher, lives in “gingerbread house” on the corner of Bristol Road and Gray Avenue. Photo by Greg Frazier

Philip Wojak, physics teacher and owner of the “gingerbread house,” and his wife take the tradition of gingerbread house making to a whole another level.

The Wojak’s decorate the front of the house depending on the season; currently, there are Halloween-dressed statues placed in front of the home to recognize holiday.

The Wojak’s home got the title, “the gingerbread house” because Bristol students would call it that when passing by.

The house was built in the 1900s by the Plant family. There is a plaque in the front yard recognizing the age of the home. It has 12 rooms in the summer and 10 in the winter, two of the 12 rooms lose heat. The rooms are rectangles.

Wojak said, “What is funny about rooms is that each one has three sides.”

When the Wojaks moved in the walls were bland and lacking color until Wojak’s brother sent his wife a jigsaw puzzle, and she began to coat the walls with different images from the puzzle.

Wojak’s wife is an English teacher, and she would paint many walls with pictures from the books she read, creating an art gallery of literature.

Wojak said, “Most of the operation is done by my wife.”

The home is colorful and rich with strokes of paint, Wojak said, “I think my wife never had a doll house as a child because she made our house one.”

Wojak plans to sell the house.

“We [he and his wife] raised our kids in the house, but now that only two people are living in it we don’t need the size anymore,” Wojak said.

Wojak, lives less than a mile away from Bristol Elementary on the corner of Bristol Road and Gore Avenue.


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