Kirkwood hosts annual Friendship Dance

Riley Mullgardt
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Kirkwood and Webster students gather for the 2014 Friendship Dance. Photo by Bret Waelterman
Kirkwood and Webster students gather for the 2014 Friendship Dance. Photo by Bret Waelterman

Nov. 5, in the Kirkwood Auditorium from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. marks the 77th annual Webster-Kirkwood Friendship Dance.

While this dance is at night, no food is provided, so students should eat before arriving.

According to Shawn Buchanan Greene’s book, “Turkey Day Game Centennial 1907-2017,” the friendship celebration started in 1939 after a riot was almost caused between the two teams the year before.

The riot practically ended the football series, so the dance is used as a gesture of friendship between the two schools.

Along with the Friendship Dance tradition, there is a Friendship King and Queen from both Webster and Kirkwood.

This year, the nominees for Webster King and Queen are seniors Takeaki Enomoto, Kelsey Ortinau, Donovan Daniels, Camille McClendon, Bennett Durando, Abby Botan, Tamir Caldwell, Cianna Vo, Tre’son Wagner, Maggie Brennan, Harry Fu, Adi Johnson, Marcell Jones and Genevieve Vaughn.

Voting for King and Queen will take place on Oct. 18, during sixth hour.

To buy a ticket students must have all their school fines paid, current student IDs, and tickets purchased by Nov. 4.

To bring a student from a different school, students must pre-register the student by filling out a “Guest Information Form for School Activity” and have it turned into the Activities Office at least 72 hours prior to the dance. This form can be found in the Activities Office.

The Friendship Dance has a dress code, which if not followed can result in not being granted access to the dance.

Girls are allowed to wear dresses that have an “appropriate” skirt length and strapless/spaghetti-strapped dresses. Girls cannot wear dresses with low-cuts in the front or back, dresses that show their midriffs, blue jeans, shorts or head coverings, excluding coverings for religious reasons.

Boys are expected to wear collared shirts or sweaters. They cannot wear blue jeans, shorts, T-shirts or hats.

Tickets go on sale Oct. 24, and will cost $10. On Nov. 3, the price goes up to $12, and on Nov. 4, they cost $15. Tickets will not be sold at the dance.


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