Letter to the Editor: Student calls others to help candidate

Dear Editor,
I believe that it’s imperative that I should address your readers regarding the election.

We have come to a time in our nation where those who can vote face the most important decision in a generation, the choice between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The choice is binary, no longer partisan, and clear. Hillary Clinton must be the next President of the United States.

I understand if readers have critiques about Secretary Clinton that may hold them back from supporting her, but I can assure them that whatever it is either isn’t an actual issue or can be put aside and addressed after the election.

The email issue has been settled by the Department of Justice and while she wasn’t always completely truthful in her statements regarding the issue, what’s really important is that: American interests weren’t at risk nor was there intent to cause risk and Mrs. Clinton never intentionally went through information that was meant to be or was classified while using the server.

The Benghazi issue was just another GOP witchhunt and there is simply no substance to it. Ideological issues, left and right, regarding Clinton need to be put aside until January 2017. Period.

The issue at hand is that Americans of all political stripes must unite so that Donald Trump cannot be President. He’s utterly unfit to lead this nation; lacking the knowledge, wisdom, and skills necessary and causing a legitimate threat to national security.

Trump represents the absolute worst of American culture and collective ideology. His values of hate, division, and fear aren’t American values and should not be rewarded with such a serious responsibility as the presidency. We must instead support the candidate of compassion, unity, and hope: Hillary Clinton.

This isn’t an endorsement or a “recommendation”; this is a call to action. We have a duty as citizens to elect Hillary Clinton as president. If you can’t vote, volunteer or join the Young Democrats Club’s efforts to elect her. If you can’t do that, tell your friends and family to vote for her. It doesn’t matter what you do, just do your part.

David Patrick Schranck, Jr.

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