Kirksey replaces Thompson to be interim administrator

Greg Frazier
Circulation Manager


Interim administrator Dwight Kirksey works with a laptop in his office in 210. Photo by Greg Frazier

Dwight Kirksey is interim administrator for staff and administration. He is replacing interim Steger Sixth Grade Center principal, Angela Thompson.

Kirksey’s previous position was a business teacher.

Kirksey has three degrees in schooling: a bachelor’s in business administration at Fontbonne University, a master’s in teaching and educational administration at Missouri Baptist University, and an education specialist degree in curriculum and instruction.

Kirksey looks forward to working with the students and helping to grow the community.

Kirksey said, “Growth is important in an academic setting. Working with the kids will improve that.”

The interim administrator is responsible for office operations, student learning, behavior and attendance. Also, Kirksey talks to all students earning an “F” grade, organizes open house, coordinates orientation for incoming ninth graders and assumes other duties of the principal.

Students with last name L-R have Kirksey as their assistant principal.

Kirksey’s position may be temporary as he will either stay as administrator in office 210 or move to administrative intern, a position currently occupied by Dr. Greg Fick.

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