Fu lives life, rides bike

Abby Botan 
Entertainment Columnist

Junior Harry Fu has fun at Disney World Magic Kingdom. Photo by Abby Botan
Junior Harry Fu enjoys himself at Magic Kingdom in Walt Disney World. Photo courtesy of Harry Fu

“I first gave myself this name when I went to school in Canada… I chose ‘Harry’ because Harry Potter is my favorite,” Fu explained.

In China, Fu was a professional mountain bike rider/seller, and he said that’s still one of his interest and passions.

Fu described himself as being, “shy and outgoing.”

However Sam Bilzing, junior, described him as, “loud and socialable.”

“Harry’s an awesome guy,” Bilzing said. “I feel like he’s going to grow up to be successful; he’s so smart.”

During his time here, Fu has joined a number of clubs/sports, like the chess club, International Club and cross country.

“One day I saw them [Cross Country Team] running, and I just started running with them,” Fu recalled. He wasn’t a part of the team or anything at that point, but he still began to run and train with it for fun.

Along with joining a number of clubs, Fu has created the Optics club which he described as a “fun-based science club.”

“The Optics Club is a club for everyone who’s interested in science, and it gives them a chance to do science, especially light experiments,” Fu said. “The goal of this club is to make science fun and attractive and easy for everyone to understand.”

The Optics Club meets every other Friday after school in room 382.

“Harry is very energetic,” Jeff Stein French teacher and International Club sponsor, said.

Stein said he first met Harry at a bike race dedicated to combating amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS).

Fu said the key to staying positive for him is to keep busy, but not too busy to the point of being stressed. Also, socializing is a way to stay positive.

“Running keeps me positive,” Fu said. “It keeps the blood flowing.”


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