Carte’Are returns to WGHS

Abby Botan
Entertainment Columnist

Carte'Are Gordon stands tall at 6'8. Photo by Abby Botan
Carte’Are Gordon stands tall at 6’8. Photo by Abby Botan

Carte’Are Gordon, sophomore, seems to be on everyone’s radar. He stands 6’8’ and weighs 235lbs, and he’s only 15 years old.

According to, Gordon is ranked #15 in the nation amongst sophomore basketball players.

“It’s a blessing,” Gordon said.

He said basketball means a lot to him and it’s his passion.

“It’s everything,” Gordon declared about the sport.

He was named to the U16 National Team in May and holds offers from Missouri, St. Louis U., Illinois, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa, UNLV Cincinnati and Purdue.

Gordon has returned home to Webster Groves High School after recently leaving Vianney.

According to, Gordon said his sophomore year of high school basketball is now over, and he hopes to play for the Statesmen as a junior.

Although Gordon isn’t playing basketball at the moment, he still trains as if he were a regular Statesmen team player.

“Athletically, I’m really looking forward to him being a part of our team. Carte’Are will fit in just fine, and he has plenty of support,” Scott Stallcup, coach,  said. “If he works hard, the sky’s the limit.”

“I’m glad he’s back home.” Jay Blossom said, “[Gordon] is working hard, and on top of that he has a lot of potential.”

Gordon’s soon – to – be team members have a lot of positive things to say about him.

Courtney Ramey, sophomore and guard for the basketball team, said, “With him here, I feel like we can win State.”

Kevin Butler, junior and guard for the basketball team, was surprised to learn he was going to be playing alongside Gordon because he’s so highly ranked.

Leland Bradford, senior and point guard for the basketball team, said, “I’m rooting for [Gordon] to do well.”

Gordon is fitting in here at WGHS.

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