Skatesmen go blonde for playoffs

Greg Frazier
Contributing Writer

Going for Gold; hockey players Senior Tyler Westermayer, Junior Alek Potocnjak, Junior Will Newhouse, Freshman Casey Lang and Freshman Eaton Gowan bleach hair gold. Photo by Cole Schnell.
Going for Gold: Hockey players senior Tyler Westermayer, junior Alek Potocnjak, junior Will Newhouse, freshman Casey Lang and freshman Eaton Gowan bleach hair gold to promote team unity. Photo by Cole Schnell.

Skatesmen hockey players bleached their hair for playoffs only to lose in overtime to Priory 1-0 after two tied games.

Preparations had already begun with practicing and having the entire team bleach hair gold.

Freshman Josh Kazlauskas said, “For us, bleaching our hair makes us more committed to win. Everyone is practicing with a winning mentality.”

The hair is a sense of good luck for the team, said junior Will Newhouse.

The idea to have everyone bleach their hair came from senior Tyler Westermayer who said,” At the beginning of the season we only really talked about it as a joke, but as we developed into more of a team, our confidence improved and we decided to do it.”

Everyone who participated in bleaching their own hair had to have permission from their parents, bleaching has minor effects on hair by discoloring the; they can go back to their natural hair color when playoffs are over,  freshman Casey Lang said.

Previous Skatesmen teams have bleached their hair gold for playoffs, freshman Eaton Gowan said, “Bleaching our hair motivates the entire team.”

Sacrificing hair color gives the players direction and improves play because none of them wanted to do it and not try afterwards,  freshman Eaton Gowan said.

Practicing before players bleached hair was very loose; some players would come, and some wouldn’t, said freshman Casey Lang.

Lang said, “On Super Bowl Sunday 17-20 players came for practice. Participation and bonding really improves the team spirit.”

Players who bleached their hair got mixed reviews but overall had good support, Westermayer said.

Newhouse said, “Bleaching our hair really helps the team bond and encourages people to come to games and brought everyone together.”

Team recognition hasn’t been that prominent in the Skatesmen. After they bleached their hair the students and school started to pay attention,  Newhouse said.

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