Singles celebrate Valentine’s Day

Abby Botan
Entertainment Columnist

Valentine’s Day is a day that’s supposed to be filled with love, romance and chocolate.

Typically people spend it with their significant others, but some think Valentine’s Day otherwise.

“Just because everyone makes it seem like it is, Valentine’s Day isn’t all about being in a relationship with someone,” said someone who’d prefer to be anonymous. “It’s about people you love. They can be your parents, your siblings or even your dog.”

That Valentine’s Day isn’t necessarily about love in a romantic aspect, but love in general.

If you’re single and feel like treating yourself, The Melting Pot in University City would be a lovely place to eat. A Valentine’s Day special will be available which includes cheese fondue, salad, entree and lastly – chocolate fondue. The price is $65 per person and that doesn’t include tax. Although the price is hefty,  you do get a lot for your money.

Brooklyn Childs, junior, has an entirely different outlook on Valentine’s Day.

“I don’t think there’s a point to celebrate Valentine’s Day if you’re single.” Childs said. “It is a holiday for people in love/relationships.”

The ‘holiday’ doesn’t make Childs want to be in a relationship at all. She said although she thinks no one should celebrate unless they’re in a relationship, she still likes to celebrate with her family.

I think that someone’s relationship status are irrelevant when celebrating Valentine’s Day. Everyone should just love themselves and by that I mean to just be secure in yourself.

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