Sibling swimmers enjoy friendly rivalry

Abby Botan
Entertainment Columnist

Dan Broshears has coached the women’s swimming team for 19 years, and he “enjoys the important title he carries as a coach,” he said, just as much as the swimmers love his coaching.

Mikayla Kempf, senior, said, “[Coach Broshears] is the reason I’ve gone this far in swimming. He always keeps me motivated.”
Broshears said he really enjoys his position as a coach of 31 members this year.

“They’ll do alright,” Broshears said about the swimmer’s meet on Dec. 7. “It’s determined by how hard they work.”
Kempf has been swimming for multiple years and has gone to State.

“I’m excited to get back into a team environment,” Kempf said. “I tend to do better in a team because we motivate each other.”

Kempf just wants all of the swimmers to be happy with the sport and be a part of a team as a whole.

Not only is Mikayla Kempf on the team, but her little sister Katherine Kempf, sophomore, also holds a spot.
“We’re a bit competitive,” Katherine said in a friendly manner.

Mikayla agreed they are both competitive, in the most friendly of manners, even if it means completing a lap before the other.

Katherine said she loves doing a sport with her older sister, and that they motivate and support each other more than ever to just try harder.

“I tend to push her harder,” Mikayla said about the other Kempf. Mikayla, as an older sister and a team member, wants her sister to do her best and know that she can succeed in all things.

Although, Mikayla is older, the only reason she officially got into swimming was because of Katherine. Katherine participated in an event that involved swimming some time ago, and there sparked her interest in the sport.

Both of the Kempfs were ready for their first meet, and both agreed it’s all about support and sportsmanship. “Excited,” is a common word used by the both of them.

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