Lib Dub Dubbin’: High school community builds spirit with musical video

Greg Frazier
Contributing Writer

Webster Groves High School filmed a school “Lip Dub” on Nov. 24, and released it on Dec. 6, which  included varieties of Hip Hop music like “Let’s Get it Started” by the Black Eyed Peas and “My House” by Flo Rida.

All the different groups of students and teachers came together to represent their own clubs/sports/classes to show the school’s diversity and its camaraderie. As stated by the participants involved and the video footage.


Sophomore Simon Moore posing on his bike for cameraman photo. Photo by Greg Frazier

Sophomore Simon Moore, the cameraman, who had by far the best perspective, said, “It was an interesting experience. I’m afraid more bad than good because of all the confetti that was getting in the lens, although I did have fun seeing all my friends and classmates enjoying the atmosphere of it all. I’m very passionate about filming. When I saw my first film, my soul has been set on filming, and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. Also the ‘Lip Dub’ was good.”

The two student organizers were seniors Isabelle Slane and Becca Riley, and other educational staff members as they assisted with individual student designation and Simon as he went around filming. As explained by Simon Moore.

Preparations were being made on the last week of October, and the two organizers met with Lindbergh High School to discuss plans.

Slane said “If we didn’t meet with Lindbergh, then the ‘Lip Dub’ would’ve been bad especially since teachers and students weren’t supportive.”

A lot of the inspiration behind the “Lip Dub” came from local schools around the Webster Groves area, namely Lindbergh and Kirkwood High Schools, since their own “Lip Dub” videos were going viral. Becca Riley indicated.

Lip Dub

Seniors Delaney Whelan and Mitchell Paulson participate in the lip dub. Photo by Cole Schnell

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