Seniors show off talents in Mr. Webster

Andy Kimball
Junior Editor

DECA will put on the fifth annual Mr. Webster Pageant in the auditorium on Dec. 3.
Mr. Webster is a humor pageant that is held to raise money for DECA’s annual trip to New York.
This year’s pageant has 12 senior contestants who will answer questions from judges, showcase a talent and join the other contestants to perform a dance routine.
Below each contestant tells a bit about himself and why he will win Mr. Webster.

Sam Cashel
“I’m a chill guy, and I go with the flow. I am the world’s greatest rapper.”
“I will win because I am a chill guy. I have humor and rapping for my talent. I have a personality that I think will show and that people will like.”

Ginu Kurian
“I’m fun; I am nice. I like to save little children in Africa, and I want to end world hunger.”
“Because I am awesome and I have a quality to win and because people like me.”

George Anderson
“I’m a very humble man; people should vote for me because I am humble.”
“Because I have a certain cult following and that will lead me to the top. I should win because if it is a show of change, I have had a great change. I’m a great product of Webster Groves High School.”

Chris Gordon
“I had a lot of fun in Mr.Webster. I had a good experience, and I thought it has been a good way to spend senior year.”
“I will win because I have had a lot of fun, and I think that that is what Mr. Webster is about.”

Mick Hanrahan
“My favorite color is yellow.”
“Because I have something special for my act. A surprise.”

Mitchell Paulson
“My favorite country is Papua New Guinea.”
“Because people give me sympathy for my injuries, and I will woo the freshman girls’ hearts.”

Trey Paloucek
“I want people to know that I am more than just a soccer player. I am dedicated to my schoolwork and to everything I do. I do everything 100 percent. I love my school and dedicate myself to my education.”
“Honestly, I don’t know if I will win. I’m doing this to get to know the guys and to have a fun time. I’ve talked to people who have been in the pageant, and they talk about how they enjoyed the experience.”

Nick Suber
“I have a spot on my head that never grows hair.”
“I will win Mr. Webster because I’m smarter than Donald Trump.”

Robbie Morefield
“I really like the pretzels you can get at Target.”
“Because I have (senior) Erin Stanton by my side for my talent, and that is why I will win.”

Travis Williams
“I’m excited to have had a fun time and to have people see us be goofballs on stage.”
“Because I have compassion that shines through, and that is a very important part of Mr. Webster.”

Jack Killeen
“I do my own laundry, and I iron my own clothes.”
“Because I write Willie’s Comic.”

Jameson Howard
“I’m good at golf.”
“Because I am nice to everyone, and a lot of people are my friends.”

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