Men find style in man-bun hair trend

Abby Botan
Opinion Editor

Junior Jack Austin puts his hair in a version of his bun. Photo by Abby Botan
Junior Jack Austin puts his hair in a version of his bun. Photo by Abby Botan

Men having their hair styled in a bun has become a trend this past year. Simply known as a man-bun, this style has made its way to Webster Groves High School.

“It’s really comfortable, and convenient,” Jack Austin, junior, said about why he wears his hair in a bun.

Austin was first introduced to this trend when he began playing hockey. It’s a custom for hockey players to grow their hair long, so, as a hockey player he followed the crowd and decided to grow his hair.

“Anyone can wear a man-bun, but not just anyone can pull off the look,” Devon Tucker, junior and also a non man-bun wearer, said, “It just depends on the guy, but I’m not a fan.”

Although the man-bun is attractive and very popular, according to Men Hairstyles Trend, wearing the man-bun too tightly can result in hair loss caused by pulling or tension over a long period of time. This can be prevented by wearing a man-bun loosely. Also, wearing a man-bun too tightly makes men eligible for hair loss which occurs along the hairline, so, beware of the man-bun.

“I think man-buns are great as a whole,” Emily Gahagen, junior, said, “but only some guys can pull it off and still look good. I personally think guys from high school up to late 20s or 30s is a man’s chance to wear a man bun.”

Gahagen said one of the main reasons that she likes the man-bun because of how previously guys who didn’t have short hair were seen as “gay” or “girly” and that now some men are showing that one can be masculine while having long hair.

Some people who don’t like this man-bun trend at all. Brigham Young University’s in Idaho banned the man-bun from being sported because they felt it was too “extreme.” The rule only applies to men so women will continue to be allowed to wear the man-bun without being penalized.

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