Halloween brings haunted attractions

Abby Botan
Entertainment Columnist

Photo by: Tyson Coley Entertainment columnist Abby Botan hangs with a monster at Scare Fest’s Lemp Brewery haunted house.
Entertainment columnist Abby Botan hangs with a monster at Scare Fest’s Lemp Brewery haunted house. Photo by Tyson Coley

Halloween is approaching very quickly which can intensify one’s desire for spookiness. Halloween is a “holiday” known for candy, costumes and haunted attractions – of which St. Louis has over five, but they don’t come cheap.

Fright Fest is one of the popular haunted attractions in St. Louis considering that the Six Flags attraction has many all tied into one.

Fright Fest is at 4900 Six Flags, St. Louis Railroad in Eureka and officially opened on Oct. 2. It goes on for every weekend this month.

To get into Fright Fest costs $61.99 on Friday and Sunday, but on Saturday the prices increase to $71.99, and ordering your tickets online makes the prices cheaper by $15. Although the prices for Fright Fest are on the expensive side, you do get a lot for your money.

The haunted houses/show at Fright Fest are Deadman’s Party, Love at First Fright, Final Freakout, VooDoo Comedy Hypnosis Show and Freak Out Circus. Their frights include Insanity Alley, Zombieville, Zombie Paintball Apocalypse, The Slaughter House, Sinister Clowns and Blind Fury. Who would want to miss all of that?

Helena Eames, junior, said about Fright Fest, “It was pretty scary because there were guys chasing you around with chainsaws.”

Red Corn’s Maze Massacre’s attraction holds over 22 acres of terror.

It’s held at 8004 Twin River Rd. in Eureka and runs Oct. 2, through Oct. 31, only at midnights. The story behind the haunted attraction is that a man called Jebidiah “Red” Slaughter inherited some property, and he made it into a farm.

There was an chemical spill on all of his crops, and he believed he could build a well to help restore the crops, but upon digging a well, with his buddy, they came across a chest. When opening the chest, they were possessed by demons, and then they murdered everyone in the corn field.

It costs $13 per person for entry – which is cheaper than Fright Fest.

The Retribution Haunted House is held inside of a 22,000 sq. ft. warehouse, allowing plenty of opportunities for one to be frightened.

It opened up on Oct. 2, and ends on Oct. 31, hours are 7 p.m. to midnight on the days when it is open. The entrance to this attraction opens up a passageway for you to be taunted by zombies, creepy clowns and murder scenes.

Tickets cost $15 on weekends, $13 on Thursdays and $5 for children 10 and under.

I went to The Abyss at Lemp Brewery, and it was terribly scary. Upon buying my ticket and standing in line, I was taunted and frightened by three monsters who weren’t afraid to chase you around.

It took me longer than normal to finish walking through the attraction because of how scared I was, making me walk faster.

It was a long, cold two-hour wait in line, but once I got into the attraction, it was so worth it.

If you want to go to the The Abyss it costs $25 per person, and when you get to the ending, you get a $5 off on your ticket price if you plan on going to The Darkness.

All of these haunted attractions are waiting for you this Halloween season. Are you ready?

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