Junior Thespian gender-bends ‘Hamlet’

Jake Collins
News/ Graphics Editor

Hannah Leatherbarrow, playing Hamlet, speaks with Rowan Van Horn, playing Lord Claudius. "Hamlet" is being performed Oct. 22-24. in the Jerry R. Knight Auditorium Photo by Jake Collins

Hannah Leatherbarrow, playing Hamlet, speaks with Rowan Van Horn, playing King Claudius. “Hamlet” is performed Oct. 22-24. in the Jerry R. Knight Auditorium. Photo by Jake Collins

Thespian Troupe 191 officer Hannah Leatherbarrow, junior, starred in drama teacher Todd Schaefer’s re-imagined version of Shakespeare’s classic play “Hamlet” in the Jerry R. Knight auditorium, on Oct. 22-24.

“This year’s Thespian officers have made the department such an inviting place for everyone,” said Leatherbarrow. “The bonds and friendships that are made within the department and Thespians are so strong.”

Leatherbarrow, who helps run the Thespian Organization within the high school, has tried to make the Thespian organization run better by being more proactive in planning and deciding things.

In order to be invited to join the Thespian’s club, it is necessary to earn 10 “points.” These “points” are received for doing things related to the drama department, for example, working lights and sound for a show earns a certain number of points.

This year’s officers are senior Kate Arendes, senior Jonah Schnell, junior Jacob Noce and junior Hannah Leatherbarrow. Other people are involved in the department who are not officers but still help out with things that the officers need.

Leatherbarrow began theater in sixth grade. Despite not attending Webster schools first through eighth grade, she did theater through Sacred Heart.

“I was the cat in ‘Alice in Wonderland,’ and after that I was hooked,” Leatherbarrow said.

“All the people like Schaefer, Romo (drama teacher Sarah Romanowski) have been so great, and I can never thank them enough,” Leatherbarrow said.

“The best way to get involved in the program is a one act. That’s how I got into theater here at the high school… That is the most inviting space to really get started,” Leatherbarrow said.

Leatherbarrow’s advice to people who want to get involved is“Just try out for whatever you can.”
This year the drama department is doing three sets of one-act plays, as opposed to the two that are normally produced. There also is the option to write and submit a one act to Schaefer.

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