Kimball Konception: Students need more information during lockdowns

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Andy Kimball
Junior Editor

Each of the last two years the high school has had to go into a lockdown procedure.

Most recently, on Sept. 25, the school went into lockdown mode from first hour until 9:50 a.m. because a suspect was involved with a nearby altercation on East Jackson Road.

During the lockdown students sat in their classrooms and were told of the lockdown, but they were not told why the schools decided to go into lockdown. A phone blast was sent to parents, but students only received the announcement to go into “lockdown mode.”

Without knowing specific information, students may rely on their parents or outside information that will not be as accurate as hearing from the school itself. After all, the school has to have a lockdown for a reason.

Also, if a student is getting outside information he/she could misinterpret the information and spread it to other students.

A solution to this problem is to give students texts on their phones during the lockdown or to be more specific and thorough when giving the announcements during a lockdown.

Students are mature enough to be able to handle this information. After the most recent lockdown, Principal Jon Clark commended students on their behavior.

This solution will ensure that students receive the most accurate information regarding the lockdown and will tell students about what is going on in their community.

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