Rasnic teaches ‘independent learners’

Cole Schnell
Contributing Writer

Beth Rasnic talks to her Academic Lab. Photo by Cole Schnell
Beth Rasnic talks to her Academic Lab. Photo by Cole Schnell

Beth Rasnic, academic lab teacher said, “Be independent learners.”

Rasnic doesn’t want her students to be consumed with homework and school work, but to be involved and independent learners in and out of school.

Rasnic, a retired stay-at-home mother of two teens, was a permanent substitute at WGHS last year and has hopes of becoming a counselor. Rasnic has a counseling degree from UMSL and a background in business.

Rasnic wants her students to have out-of-school hobbies. Her hobbies include reading, running and biking. She frequently visits Queeny Park in her biking and running routes.

If Rasnic weren’t a teacher, she said, “I would like to work with the homeless youth, finding them homes and developing programs to assist them to overcome their obstacles and thrive in the future. I also would like to work in the Peace Corps.” Rasnic added she would work with a variety of people and cultures all over the world.

Webster Groves is home to Rasnic, having lived here for her first 22 years. She said she wants the first impression of her to be “despite that I am soft-spoken and quiet, I am creative and can be fun.”

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