Cashel’s beginning to end: Coach’s son reflects on high school career

Will Conerly
Contributing Writer

Senior Sam Cashel dribbles the ball down the midfield during the Pattonville game on Sept. 16. Webster won the game 2-0.

Senior Sam Cashel dribbles the ball down the midfield during the Pattonville game on Sept. 16. Webster won the game 2-0.

While hundreds of athletes at Webster Groves have their parents scream and cheer from the stands, senior soccer player Sam Cashel has his father Tim Cashel, head men’s Varsity soccer coach, bellowing strategically right in his ear.

Cashel has had the coaching expertise of his father, since he was eight.

Cashel said, “We have had our struggles and our great moments together” and that overall it is “pretty convenient” to be the coach’s son.

Cashel said that it’s convenient to have the privilege of easily approaching his father about issues within the squad; if it’s from an injury or a problem another player has. Just like Cashel, seven other teammates have the coaching expertise of Tim Cashel since they were eight.

Cashel does more than just play soccer; he makes highlight videos and end of the year slide shows for the soccer team when he is not playing.

Cashel said, “When I was younger, I would always come to the games and think those guys are so old” and now it’s difficult for him to realize he is that guy now. He loves soccer, watching or playing and he and his friends, “day ones” he called it, like to hang out together and play or talk soccer.

This will be the last year the Cashel father-son combination will take on Selma Field in the fall. Cashel’s career has included Cashel said it will be sad and he will “miss playing with him, being coached by him and being around the boys.” Cashel said his favorite moment is beating CBC in the CYC tournament. Also he said some of his personal highlights were scoring verses conference opponent, Pattonville and verses rival school Rockwood Summit. Cashel has participated four years in the program, three of being on the varsity squad. Cashel, who is not planning to play in college, wants to win another State championship and end his soccer career on a high note.

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