Kimball Konception: Lack of supervision cheats students

Andy Kimball
Opinion Columnist

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After being in school for a month, students will receive more tests and quizzes. As students dread their upcoming assessments, they will take shortcuts and do something all too common at the high school, cheat.

A male honors student said it is “very easy” to cheat at the high school. The same student added he had seen students cheat in the past saying, “(Students cheat) in a lot of different ways, people get tests from other people; people write down notes and hide them.”

He added sometimes students take answer keys and study/ show them to other students before the test. He added, “I’ve seen kids take things off teachers computers and put them on flash drives; and the teachers don’t even realize it.”

The same honors student also admitted to cheating saying he had even asked the person next to them for an answer and not been caught. “I’ve cheated by knowing the questions that are going to be on the test and that going into a test, a lot of kids know the questions (to the test).”

A survey conducted by the echo showed that polled over a hundred students showed that over half of the students have witnessed cheating firsthand and that approximately 39% of students had witnessed cheating multiple times over the past year.

In the same survey over 30% of students said they had cheated in the past year on a test and/or a quiz. 20% of those students said they had cheated multiple times in the past year.

This shows that cheating is a problem at the high school. Webster needs to ensure that all students maintain academic integrity. Also, the fact that students cheat is unfair to students who have to work hard to get good grades while others just take the easy way out.

A solution to this problem is to have more supervision during tests. It is very hard for one teacher to supervise a class of 20 or more students at a time during a test. A way to have more supervision for a test is to have a teacher aide or a substitute teacher come in to supervise a test with the teacher.

This will make it easier to monitor all students in a class and therefore harder for a student to cheat.

More importantly it will ensure academic integrity and fairness for all students at the high school.

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