Trio parts ways as college draws near

Alex Ring
Business Manager

Seniors Anna Rosin, Katie Flood and Sydney Garland relax on Eric Dunn’s classroom couch before school starts. Photo by Alex Ring

Seniors Anna Rosin, Katie Flood and Sydney Garland relax on Eric Dunn’s classroom couch before school starts. Photo by Alex Ring

Seniors Anna Rosin, Katie Flood and Sydney Garland are all “outgoing and fabulous people,” Garland said, and because of that, have had a strong friendship together since freshman year.

Garland and Rosin were teammates on a fifth grade CYC team, but because Garland was tall for her age, a fact that initially frightened Rosin, the friendship didn’t blossom until freshman year when Rosin grew a few inches and “felt comfortable breaking the ice,” said Rosin.

Flood bonded with Rosin because the two played flute together in middle school and into the early part of high school, and band has seemed to be a theme in the trio’s friendship.

Rosin and Flood embarked on a trip to Ireland with the band their freshman year and because the rooming situation had them closer than ever, a friendship grew forte.

At senior Bethany Conerly’s 12th birthday party, Flood and Garland burned banana peels together out of curiosity. The friendship’s flame dimmed for the next three years, but the pilot light never went out. The two met again in high school with band and cross country as a common interest, and the friendship’s flame has never been higher.

“I really like their group dynamic. They balance their strengths and weaknesses. They are all creative and have strong personalities and normally that would clash, but instead they feed off of one another,” senior Ben Hogg said. Besides for caring for one another’s well being as Garland explained, the trio could also “form a superhuman from a combination of all [their] features,” Rosin said.

The features include “Syd’s long distance runner legs (to outrun the zombie apocalypse), Katie’s Italian tan skin (to avoid sunburn), and my strawberry blonde curly hair that will double as a nice scarf in the winter,” Rosin said.

It’s this type of humor and sincerity that keeps a friendship together, according to

With the end of high school approaching for these three seniors, it will become harder to enjoy one another’s company on a regular basis.

Rosin is going to University of Minnesota Twin Cities, double majoring in English and chemistry. Flood is either going to Loyola Chicago or Fairfield University in Connecticut, and Garland will attend Iowa State University, where she will major in community and regional planning as well as environmental studies.

The three all agree to make trips to visit each other at their respected colleges.

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